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Words, words and more words...some call it poetry :)
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The Contemporary Surreal Art Galleries paintings display, contains original oil paintings, acrylic paintings and one mixed media work of art. A lot of the paintings on display are pre-surreal symbolism, with more of a fantasy artwork sort of flair. Original surreal paintings are beginning to make an appearance, but the really wild stuff is still on the horizon <g>. Stay tuned!

Click here for original art paintingsClick here for original surreal paintings.Click here for original canvas artOriginal science fiction art, just click!
Click here for original artwork focused on fairys.
Another work of original art about fairies, click here.Click here for original vampire art.The oddball of the group: mixed media crafts <g>, just click.
Click here to check out pictures of mermaids.

The most current surrealistic symbolism artwork can be found here AND in the "DRAWINGS" display. Pen and ink sketches have always been my favorite form of artistic expression, but I'm getting more into the painting nowadays <g>. SO: Wherever you go, there you are :)

Symbols mean what the person uses them TO mean: X may be a St. Andrew's Cross, ancient symbol of Scotland, 'multiply two numbers together' or even railroad crossing. It depends on the meaning in the mind of the person using it.--Ken Hawn

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