ARTISTIC DETAILS & CREDENTIALS: the article below (and to the right) is a few years old, but it describes the intent behind this website so well that I'm leaving it up. This website is all about finding something that could have SO EASILY... been lost forever. Plus, both artist resumes are finally posted. This is where you will ALWAYS find the most up-to-date versions. Questions? Let me know :)

ARTIST RESUME -- Fine art: click here for a print friendly .pdf version (290KB).
ARTIST RESUME -- Commercial art: click here for online web page.

That's a picture of Gary and I (above), taken a few months after we met :) My husband is a VERY talented artist/musician, click here to visit his site!

The side panel is titled, "Games people play." Created August 15, 2003.

O F F    T H E    P A T H
I started out as an artist and somewhere along the way became a little side tracked. It had to do with making money to pay rent and living in an environment where ART and artists were not exactly the norm. During this long interim I became quite good at commercial graphics (everything from desktop publishing through web design) -- at least it was a way to express myself (somewhat) creatively. But my passion for fine art only flared up at irregular intervals. Thank goodness it was a very strong passion, although the struggles were definitely becoming feebler there at the end. I never wanted to become defined by my commercial art. I wanted to be an ARTIST. All my life, that's been my only goal. Now I hope to straighten that all out and make LOTS of new art. My new environment is definitely very artist-friendly :)

T H E    S T Y L E
For a long time I remember being on a quest to discover my particular style, and then I found it right in front of me (where it had been all the time). It's amazing how that happens <g>. In the beginning everything I drew reflected my tremendous enjoyment of science-fiction and fantasy, but I didn't want to be known as an illustrator. As much as I always appreciated Boris and Vallejo, I wanted to create ART that had a possibility of surviving me. Then I let go and stopped thinking about it and just drew what I wanted to. I quit criticizing it and finally, one day, it all fell into place. Kind of like looking at something you've seen a thousand times, and seeing it with new eyes. Psychology and mythology had always been a passion with me, but I thought it was just a side thing. Now I know that something you enjoy THAT much can't just be a small side thing. It was all inside everything I was drawing. Once I realized that, I knew my name: symbolist/surreal artist :)

T H E    Q U E S T
Now I am on A Quest (!) to rediscover my passion. I've cleared a lot of things out of my system that were just getting in the way (including cigarettes<lol>). Keep your fingers crossed, I'm a tad bit rusty. The last big pieces were created in 1996 and my chops are down a bit. Guess we'll see eh? There's a path in front of me and it's time to get back on it!

Chris Eisenbraun :)
October 15, 2003


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