the art: surreal + symbolic

...MORE Surreal Artwork by
Chris Eisenbraun.

  • Surrealist game piece (2016): Hard Hat Habitat.
  • Symbolicistic artwork (2015): The Red Queen Effect.
  • Surreal image (2014): Yes. No. (Ceci n'est pas une pipe.)
  • Symbolism Ink+ Series (2013): "One" (+ "Two", "Three.14159265)
  • Surreal art (2013): My World Is Round.
  • Surreal ink sketch (2012): Soliloquy.
  • Surreal ink doodle (2012): Tenuous Minor (A Flatted Third).
  • Surreal ink doodle (2012): Tenuous Minor (A Flatted Third).
  • Pencil art (2011): Just Passing Through.
  • Complex sketch (2010): Whisper To The Thunder
  • Pencil artwork (2009): The Bus To (Pomona); King To Queen's Rook 13.
  • Surreal pencil (2008): Instant Karma With Marshmallows. Just Add Water!
  • Pencil sketch (2007): Curiouser And Curiouser: 3.1415926535897.
  • Artwork (2006): Infinity And Jelly Donuts.

The Art on this website: familiar objects, phrases and images of the human vernacular woven and layered into an alphabet born of the subconscious (slipping around and through the barriers of the conscious mind to speak DIRECT in a subliminal way). THIS art is NOT about drawing dreams, but rather an attempt to draw upon that very beautiful, complex and layered language, to author tales DIRECT from the collective unconscious.

-- Chris Eisenbraun (revised Jan. 25, 2014)

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