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These are the online Surrealist Galleries, pick an exhibit (below) and click.
Professional artist portfolio featuring an online drawing exhibit.
This is the original fine art surreal paintings exhibit -- click to view!
Surreal art exhibit of a digital kind...
Poetry exhibit: words strung together into surreal sense.
Mixed media and misc. works of art exhibited here.
Hello? Hello? What are you doing up there?
Some of the pen & ink drawingss feature three seperate inking fields: crosshatching realism, pointillism  and contourism!

The Surrealist Galleries, Drawings exhibit, contains original surreal pen and ink drawings, unique pencil sketches and uncommon color pencil artwork featuring fairies, unicorns, mermaids and many other symbols from deep within the human subconscious <g>. Drawing has always been my favorite form of artistic expression, so here in the Drawing exhibit of the online Surrealist Galleries is where you'll find the most up-to-date, original surreal artwork.

   "Currently Untitled"
   "The Red Queen Effect"
   "Yes. No. (Ceci n'est pas une pipe.)"
   MORE art of the surreal-ly symbolic kind...
Click here for a surreal pencil drawing! Click here for a surreal pencil drawing! Click here for a surreal pencil drawing! Click here for surreal pencil art!
Click here for pen & ink surreal artwork! Click here for surreal art! Click here for faery wings! Click here for faery wings!
Click here for fairy wings, part 1! Click here for one of many fairy drawings! This is where you'll find pictures of fairies! Click here for a page torn out of the artist sketchbook.
Want to see some surrealist art? Click here. Click here for a look into surrealist self portraits. Click here for surreal pen & ink. Interested in unusual mermaid images? Click here.
Click here for figure drawing in graphite. Click here for pencil sketch art. Click here to view one of the many mermaids  in the gallery. More mermaid pictures, click here.
One of many unicorn pictures, click here to view. This is the gothic art entry. Click here to check out one of the many fairy pictures! Unicorns are on display throughout the gallery, just click.

Drawing has always been my favorite method of expression. Like many of the art deco and art nouveau artists, I just fell in love with the line :) Welcome to art site - online galleries.

Look into the deep does it go? Symbolic meaning is right below the surface.

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