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A deceptively simple pencil figure drawing, this piece of modern realistic art is one of the rare and raw fine art originals in the online galleries: there isn't a symbol, surreal bit or even a hint of fantasy in the piece. The subject stands alone. Checkout the zoom and look into her eyes and you'll see what I mean :) This artwork is part of a private collection and is not for sale.

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This work of art is no longer for sale.

16.5" x 14" x 1"
41.91 x 35.56 x 2.54 cm

Original pencil art.

Private collector (Florida).

TITLE: "Odalisque" © Chris Eisenbraun 1997.

This drawing is all pencil and uses a LOT of them. A ton of different shades and hues of graphite :). A high school teacher of mine (Mr. Martin) made me put together a tin full of pencils and then got me to using them like you would paints. Your darks get darker, your lights get lighter and your palette is EXPANDED! It sure made my drawings MUCH better :) Just be careful you don't add any architect drafting pencils into the mix. I did that once. Loved the rich, dark black that pencil achieved. Then I went to fix it (so it wouldn't smudge any more) using old fashioned laquer hair spray...and the parts of the drawing where that pencil was used turned PURPLE! <ugh>. Totally ruined the piece. So watch out for those babies :) To this day I keep a box of pencils (and I'm always adding new ones all the time).

The original image came from a old Playboy. My Playboy collection is currently in storage, if I ever run across the issue I'll post the date etc. There was just something about the woman's eyes that were soooo tired. The expression sooo contradicted the inviting pose. Before I knew it I found myself sketching. As mentioned above, this is a rare and raw fine art original for the online galleries in that there isn't even a hint of the extraordinary in the setting, it's all self-contained within the subject.




Most of our communication occurs on the nonverbal level: a pose, a glance or tone of voice says more than any words ever could.

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