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The first original artwork to be completed in 2007. It's been a long time since the big box of pencils have been pulled out, which makes this surreal pencil painting something special :) A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, is included with purchase.

Close-up/zoom view of surreal pencil painting.
Click here to take a really close look at this surreal pencil painting.
medium: pencils, lots of them.
size: 22.5" x 30 " including frame
57.15 x 76.2 cm
owner: ...your name here...
frame: silver tone wooden frame with glass.
notes: click here to view photos charting the progress :)
price: price not yet posted.
shipping: free inside the U.S.; outside U.S., request quote prior to purchase. Includes insurance.
info: ships within 24 hours of funds clearance.
method: ground.
warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee.
currency: U.S. dollars.

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PayPal: Buy with confidence!

TITLE: "Curiouser and curiouser: 3.1415926535897" © Chris Eisenbraun 2007.

This work has JUST been completed, artist notes are in progress. Behind the scenes picts and artist blog detailing the process and creation of this surreal pencil painting are available NOW <g>.




Surreal: having an oddly dreamlike quality.

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