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Some of the pen & ink drawingss feature three seperate inking fields: crosshatching realism, pointillism  and contourism!

When you don't draw for YEARS, your chops get rusty. BIGtime. My subconscious is still busy mulling over the next painting concept so I thought I'd work on the upcoming surreal ink artwork posted way back in January. Then it hit me: it took me HOURS to get the pencil down on that one...shouldn't I check my drawing chops before jumping into the ink? Ink is UNFORGIVING! One mistake and it's all over. I'm thinking that I've already invested a LOT of time into that piece of surreal ink artwork.... and that's when I found out how out of practice I am. ugh. I can't believe the stupid stuff I've having to relearn <lol>.

TITLE: "Denouement" © Chris Eisenbraun 2004.
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New surreal ink artwork!
Posted July 11, 2004: the reason there is SUCH a big gap in the progress charting is that when I put the fairy wings on her face...I thought I F$#@! it up. I was very embarrassed. BIGtime. I was just so excited when I realized that this was the concluding work in the surreal ink artwork series (begun back in 1996) that it just blew me away when I put the fairy wings on her face and she turned into Woody Allen (Gary's remark was much kinder, he said it looked like Andy Warhol <g>). Ink is very unforgiving, you only get one chance. A lot of dots have come into being while I tried to save this piece <lol>. I didn't know until the last minute whether I was wasting my time or not, I kept hearing this little voice saying, "Wait a minute, now try this...and this....and..." I'm glad I listened. Now all of the stuff from the past is wrapped up. "Denouement" sets a period to the chapters of this series. "This was, now is...." Each work in the surreal ink artwork series is an independent short story, together they make a novel. Click here to view all four together.

New surreal ink artwork!
Posted June 20, 2004: I am just blown away by the way the subconscious works. One minute I'm working on my chops and putting keywords into the website. The surreal ink artwork having keywords added? "Midnight." I look into the face of Anger, Sorrow and Pain (the fiery headed urchin with fairy wings) and flashback onto my life then. Man, it was INTENSE. Now, getting back to work (back in the present), I go to add the hair into this little work. Somehow the hair turns into flames. I thought the imagery came from this sci-fi book I'm currently reading "Game of Thrones." I don't think about it much, just keep working the flames into the surreal ink artwork. (I try not to question too much when the subconscious is working. <lol>) Then I turn around, run into "Midnight" (hanging on the wall)...and the connection is made. Wow. I get it. The face in flames has returned. All that pain, sorrow and anger came from a path that led directly to HERE (and a whole lot of happiness). This piece isn't done yet. Wait until you see what happens next (keep your fingers crossed I can pull this off <g>).....

Stippling art of the practice kind that an artist MUST do because practice makes perfect!
Posted June 01, 2004: it's like getting back on a bicycle man. There is sooo much to remember: you have to keep a light vs. dark map in your head (so you don't get so focused on drawing some dumb detail that your make the lightest part of the drawing tooo dark <ugh>), you have to keep double-checking angles allll the way throughout the process (or things starting skewing out of proportion) and you have to remember how to look at things DEEP (with your eyes AND your hand). I'm sloOoOowly remembering how to juggle all of these things. Actually I've added in a few new ones while I'm in learning mode. hehehehe. Glad to see a real person actually beginning to appear in the drawing (instead of a wooden caricature).

Close-up of my self-imposed homework: practice drawing time.
Posted May 24, 2004: with THIS sketch I decided to jump in and concentrate on those tiny details right from the beginning. So I enlarged the face, left out the hair (the whole initial interest) and gave myself enough elbow room to include EVERYTHING <lol>. While I'm at it, I thought I'd practice a little stippling (the black and white pen & ink version of pointillism<g>). At least the woodeness seems to be disappearing :) Woohoo!

Pen & ink sketches.
Posted May 24, 2004: Man, this is frustrating! The longer and deeper you focus on your subject, the more details you discover...the bigger you tend to draw (to fit the data into the picture). A bigtime rookie mistake that gets things out of proportion (see the image in the left corner). You have to check proportions CONSTANTLY (top right image), plus you have to look at what's in front of you, not what's in your head. This sort of focus will keep you from drawing wooden people (see the bottom right image). Jeez. I grabbed this photo because I liked the way the hair flowed. The sketch turned out SO horrible that I've redrawn this one repeatedly. I KNOW I can do better than this.

Surreal ink artwork pen & ink picts.
Posted May 24, 2004: This is the little surreal sketch that made me realize how out of practice I am. Oh boy. I went to draw the mermaid's arm and suddenly realized I didn't know my angle, the proportions, the shadows, and didn't even have a guess at the correct anatomy. Wow, I think I was about five years old the last time THAT happened. Okay, I exaggerated...I was ten last time that happened. These pen and ink sketches of surreal ink artwork are the equivalent of doing scales for a musician. LOTS of practice makes BETTER art :) ...and I'm way outta practice.

Surreal ink artwork of the doodling kind :)
Posted May 24, 2004: I've been trying to get my head back into the space it used to live in (when a few extra minutes at ANY time meant that I was drawing SOMETHING <lol>). So, whenever I have a spare moment...I try to doodle little pieces of surreal ink artwork <g>. Makes sense to me :)

Look into the mirror...how deep does it go? Dada was a protest by a group of European artists against World War I, bourgeois society, and the conservativism of traditional thought. Its followers used non sequiturs and absurdities to create artworks and performances which defied intellectual analysis.

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